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The decision to circumcise a newborn is an important one for
new parents. I believe the choice of which professional to use
to perform this service is as essential as the decision of whether
or not to circumcise.

As a physician and a mohel, I perform both ritual and non-ritual newborn circumcision. I am honored to work with Jewish families from all affiliations such as the Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and Renewal Movements.
I embrace all who desire a spiritual, respectful and loving Bris Mila
or circumcision experience no matter what their family situation,
be it interfaith, non-Jewish, single parent or alternative lifestyle.

You should be aware, there are differences between hospital and

home circumcision. I am convinced that a circumcision performed in the home is safer and much less traumatic.To accomplish this, I incorporate several elements. I use Elamax topical anesthesia, loading doses of acetaminophen, sweet Kosher wine or grape juice/sugar water, an antibiotic with lidocaine ointment as an aftercare dressing and homeopathic remedies upon request. My instruments are autoclave steam sterilized and I use a traditional method of circumcision called the Mogen shield which results in a shorter procedure time.

As you will see in the information within this web site, I perform the Bris Mila ceremony for Jewish and interfaith families with warmth, dignity and sensitivity. I believe the ceremony should have meaning to the family and should transcend the purely surgical component of the circumcision. The Bris Mila ceremony should be educational, enlightening, spiritually uplifting and should include all significant family members and friends no matter what their heritage. The ceremony should take place in a beautiful setting and should be traditionally performed. In this way, families will be left with wonderful memories of an experience they will never forget.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Bris Mila ceremony or newborn circumcision or would like me to be a guest speaker, please feel free to contact my office (800) 644-4479 or email Dr. Fred R. Kogen.



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